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 What is the Admissions deadline?

Since most private schools in the area are operating below capacity and accept students throughout the academic year, there is not a great incentive for parents/students to make an early commitment.  Veritas will accept students according to the date the application is received (assuming enrollment requirements are met).  Enrollment is locked and no new students are admitted after the 6th full week of classes each year.

 Is Veritas Preparatory School Catholic?

The Diocese of Richmond has a program that requires five years of operation before they will allow an independent school like Veritas, to be called Catholic.  During this time the Diocese will observe the school, evaluate the theology program, and allow a “test of time” to inform the decision to allow the school to call itself Catholic.

Veritas is firmly rooted in the Catholic Tradition.  It is only with the Truth of our Catholic faith and by the grace of God that we will accomplish the good work we have dedicated our lives to.  Our pledge is to live and model a Catholic environment that is loyal to the spiritual leadership of the Bishop and the Magisterium.  All faculty and staff make an oath of fidelity to the Magisterium.

 What about Mass?

Veritas students and faculty attend Mass at Saint Bede every Friday.  On days that our Celebrant is able to schedule additional time, students have the opportunity for confession.

 Will there be sports?

Yes, the sports program at Veritas is called “Sports for Life” – sports that students may participate in throughout their lives.  As a small school the specific sports offered each year will be most informed by student interest.   In addition, Williamsburg has excellent “Club Sports” programs.  We have been asked to allow our students participate in these leagues, so for sports where we do not have the student interest required to assemble a full team,  we encourage our students participate in one of the local league programs

 Why do you have an entrance exam?

At Veritas we believe that any student who wants to engage his or her education can do well in the school.  The entrance exam helps us understand how well the student is prepared and to identify potential areas where the student may need some extra attention.  Ultimately this is great for the student, as we do not want to be like most schools where a student comes into school weak in a subject and everyone expects that they will always be weak in that subject.    A successful transition into the school is something we pay a lot of attention to.  Our goal is to give every student a well-rounded classical education.

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