High School

High School at Veritas focuses on the humanities, science and mathematics, Latin, and the fine arts.  Students experience the best of what is written, thought, and spoken – that which has endured across cultures and centuries.  The rigor of the classical curriculum and the use of the Socratic method enables students to use their mental faculties to grapple with deep philosophical questions, to solve complicated mathematical problems, and to write compelling essays.  Ultimately, the course work is designed to inspire students to pursue truth, beauty, and goodness as a lifelong activity.

LANGUAGE Latin II Latin III Latin IV Latin V
LITERATURE Intro to Literature British Literature American Literature World Literature
MATH Algebra II Geometry Pre-Calculus Calculus
SCIENCE Natural Science Biology Chemistry Physics
HISTORY Ancient History Medieval History Modern History American History
& Government
THEOLOGY Scripture & The Trinity Christ & The Church Moral Theology & Spirituality Apologetics
PHILOSOPHY Western Culture: The Ancients Western Culture: Christianity Philosophy I Philosophy II